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The Vessel...

 MissTerious Janette…ikz (pronounced mysterious genetics) is simply a young woman who is in love with Jesus Christ and has decided to use every gift He has given her for His glory. She has been performing music, poetry, and dance for over 15 years. She currently co-owns Zeneith Performing Arts and is an official P4CM POET. She has also taken part in sharing the word of God at many conferences and churches. By Gods grace, she has been featured on the cover of Testify Sister magazine and most recently featured on the cover of Spoken Vizions Magazine. She is a member of P4CM where she is currently serves as the Praise and Worship Leader. Her album is set to release this year.  Her ultimate goal is to keep the mind and heart of a servant!

A Word From Janette...ikz

I've found that what it all comes down to is life is life, so who do you live for? What do you represent? As for me, I'll let my life, words, & music do the talking of who I am, where I've been, and most importantly, where I'm going. I believe that God in His divine purpose allows us to go through many things for the sake of others, and I believe we should speak, write music, and be honest about where we are and what we've been through. It’s the REAL testimony that will help, change, encourage & equip others. So I plan to tell it!


I’ve encountered years of molestation in addition to being beaten so badly I was unable to attend school for a week and a half. This is WARFARE! Struggles separate those who talk from those who will. Trials separate the real from the carbon copies. I know and understand if I’m faced with whatever IT may be, then He has equipped me with enough to handle it. In Corinthians Paul calls it light afflictions. I simply want to encourage you to press past the hurt, the frustration, the weariness, and the unseen. Expect the attacks! Don’t be surprised. The enemy is supposed to be angry!


But in the meantime... this right here, this is for those whose phone just got cut off. This is for those with tooth aches and no insurance. This is for those on assisted living only by the grace of GOD! This is for all those who feel as though you go from one struggle to the next. Remember… this is for you because this is ME.









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